Month: August 2017

Uber Freight is all set for use

The much expected Uber Freight has been finally unveiled and it all set for the truck drivers to avail it. Uber will be pairing up with the commercial shippers and truck drivers who are looking out for a job. It is similar to the way the ride-hailing of Uber takes were riders and drivers are paired up. In the same fashion, the truck drivers will be paired up with the shippers. This is an opportunity for drivers pick up a job for themselves instead of waiting and wailing away the time by making calls to get a single transport. Apart from pairing up, Uber will also fix the price for the transportation of the cargo to the said location.

The move to the shipping line by Uber has come post acquiring the autonomous acquiring company Otto. Last year, they were successful in delivering 20,000 Budweiser cans in an interstate city. When we consider truck drivers with the trucking companies, they need to wait for around 30 days for them to get their payment.

Drivers will no need for 30 long days for them to get the payment, as the payment will be made within a few days. Apart from that, the fees for every single load would be free; if there is a delay in the payment then Uber will pay the additional price for the waiting period as well. It is evident that this business is clearly focused on truck drivers and trucking companies. It is yet to be noted if the drivers will be satisfied by working for Uber.

A cold war between the popular ride-sharing companies

 The Ridesharing apps play an important role in our daily lives especially for the office goers who travel from one place to another. There are two major competitors in the U.S and Uber is still more powerful and combative one in the minds of most passengers. Lyft, which is also one of the gigantic ridesharing services of U.S, developed the reputation part. On the other side of the flip, this gigantic Lyft service is changing its business’s approach and working hard in order to bring a stronger fame, which is not equal to that of Uber. Lyft has been able to take advantage of botch and profit at Uber’s cost. The real fact is that Uber Lyft has moved beyond the concept of Uber and toward being acknowledged as significant in its own right. In the future, the total ride-sharing industry depends on self-driving cars. The payment for the drivers to work as the independent contractors and maintaining their own vehicles is literally an expensive one. There is a list of the natural economies of scale available. The self-driving cars gain more economical advantages from bulk purchases of the vehicles in terms of fuel, maintenance, and insurance. Lyft has tie-ups with the major autonomous vehicle technology, which includes Google sibling Waymo, and General Motors, which is also one of its major investors. The real fact is that the rental cars have been combined with that of the airline promotional infrastructure. The potential credit is increased about twenty dollars for the new Lyft users.