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Commercial Photography

Commercial photography is an art of taking photos of consumer items and the brands of the items. This kind of photography helps in marketing the business as well as to reach it to the customers in order to achieve the sales target and also to achieve the revenue and profit. Commercial photographs are taken in the private or public place that focuses on the product and sometimes along with model (manpower) that is hired in order to promote the product and the business. This has been in the tradition for over a century. These have become well known among the people.

And commercial photography is all about capturing the product and the way they project the material. Most of the photo shoots are taken place both indoors and outdoors. Many of the products are captured in a way that many haven't even thought of. These photo shoots will try to help the customers to get a grasp of the product and also to market the product to reach it to the customers. This is purely corporate based and business oriented, so there would be more plans and innovative ideas to reach it to the common people.

Commercial photography pricing

Photography Types Student Price Professional Price
Adventure, Action Adventure sports, daring feats, etc. $50-100 per Hour $75-$250 per Hour
Amateur Any type of photography practiced by non-professionals. $40-$90 Per Hour $60-$270 Per Hour
Portrait Body and Background $50-$100 Per Hour $75-$200 Per Hour
Landscape And Nature Mountains, waterfalls, trees, sunrises $60-$110 Per Hour $90-$250 Per Hour
Wildlife Photos of wild Animals in their Natural Habitat $80-$130 Per Hour $100-$260 Per Hour
Long Exposure Create magical or artistic photos $40-$100 Per Hour $70-$200 Per Hour
Macro Small things to Capture $50-$130 Per Hour $80-$220 Per Hour