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Wedding Photography

Wedding photography is a typical photography that is taken on the wedding ceremony. And it makes sure to capture the important activities that take place in the entire event. And it includes taking photographs of the wedding couple before marriage photo shoot, as well as to cover the activities of the wedding and the reception. Wedding photography is one of the major branches of photography as it has got higher customers and even for the high revenue and profits that are associated with that. And most of the photographers will try to bring the captures in an authentic way of the wedding.

Nowadays wedding photographs are approached or booked for all the three events; they are engagement, wedding, and reception. All these three are photographed and printed in order to display the occasions. Wedding photography remains one of the mainstreams in the field of photography. And many of the other divisions of photography are comes next to that. There are numerous marriages takes place every day. And apart from focusing on the bride and groom, the photographer needs to focus on the light and other factors in order to get a perfect snap of the scene and as well as by focusing the wedding couple.

Wedding photography pricing

Packages Hours Price Location shoot Digital Files Print Credit
Mini 45 Minutes $65 1 6 Digital Files $6 Print Credit
Bronze 1 Hour $150 1 15 Digital Files $10 Print Credit
Silver 1.5 Hours $230 2 25 Digital Files $20 Print Credit
Gold 1.5-Hours $300 2 35 Digital Files $30 Print Credit
Classic Portrait 2Hours $300 2 30 Digital Files $30 Print Credit
Deluxe Portrait 3 Hour $400 3 35 Digital Files $40 Print Credit