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Photography is an art, science application and practice of bringing up images that are durable and recorded in the apt scenario. Photography is a marvelous action of capturing the moments as photos that would last forever. Photography is one of the things that are intervened with the human life. Photographs are being taken since the first camera was invented. Many people like to take photographs of themselves, others, and the places they visit as well to keep them in memory of them. But many don't understand that photographs are really important for now and for the future as well.

Many people think photos are very vital for some reason. Photographs stay as a memory and it even brings the time back in the person's mind whenever the person looks at it. The photographs are meant to cherish the moments that the persons who are in the photo. There are many photographs that witness the scenario that the people have gone through. There are some million dollar photos that portrait very antique scenarios, some are Neil Armstrong in the Moon and many other photos. And apart from that photographs are one of the strong evidence for any action that has taken place.

Wedding Photography

And people need to be captured in a camera when they are going through some auspicious moment as it won't happen often in life. Some of the occasions are a wedding, newborn baby, graduation and so many. These moments need to be captured in order to cherish the moment even after so many years. So people have a very close bond with cameras and photographs in their life. And photos are very useful to document the facts that need to be displayed to everyone, for example, aboriginal people of a particular country, a peculiar phenomenon of nature and so on.

Apart from this photographs are used in order to market a product as well as to increase the revenue of an organization, such photographs are known as commercial photographs. Commercial photographs are sharing a huge contribution in the corporate world. These kinds of photographs are keen to the organizations as they can reach their products to the end users and can make avail of the products. Commercial photography is at its peak as many of the business people are thriving hard to promote their business as well as to increase the profit of the organization.
Initially, photos are captured in only two colors, they are black and white. Because of the low costs and its ‘Classic' look, Black and White photos are relatively dominating the color photos still now. Black and white photographs are mainly defined by the contrast between the dark and light areas that consists of black, white and some shades of grey color in it. The black and white film roll is not like the colored ones. The developed film will come in black and white print, and the color roll comes in color print. The shades of color can differ according to the process that the film is being developed..
Color photographs are contrasted to the black and white, color photographs consist of all the colors that are present in the actual scene. The role of the film is different from the one of black and white; the first color photograph is taken in the year of 1861. Most of the photographs are taken in the RGB method. The RGB stands for Red, Green, and Blue, by combining these three colors the color photographs are created and are developed. After the advent of the color photography, it is being dominant over the black and white photographs.

Digital Photographs

Digital photographs and digital cameras are the current fashion over the normal photographs and black and white photographs. Sony released the first camera that can capture the color photographs, and the company made it available the customers, the significant feature of this type of camera is that it doesn't require a film roll is negligible. The source of storing is done with the help of a memory chip and the photo can be viewed right after the capture in the display. And the photos can be developed and viewed as a hard copy photograph.

Apart from these photographs, there are other types of photographs and technologies that are in the use in the real-time world. Some of the techniques are a panoramic view, fisheye view, and 360-degree view, the ultraviolet view that is used to take photos of extraterrestrial objects and even to monitor the physical changes of the living organisms. Many other techniques are also used in order to get a different output, like the ultraviolet photography and other such techniques. With the help of photography in its modern growth, it is possible to monitor the blood vessels too.

No matter how the world grows, there need to be some occasions documented. And cameras and photographers do it often; many of the photographs that are taken in the auspicious occasions are enduring forever. Many photos act a witness of that particular occasion and can be viewed many times to recall the blessed moment. Many of the photographers are ensuring the photos are captured in the right way and added the apt effect. And candid photographs are the fashion nowadays, candid photos are captured at an unexpected time or when people are being casual.

About Eric Bourret Photographies

‘Eric Bourret Photographies' is a photo studio that is specialized in taking wedding photos and commercial photos. Eric Bourret is a photographer who indulges in taking photographs. Follow the Steps to consider before buying uber like Apps because the cameras and machines used by Eric are advanced and helps to get a lot of expected result. He has a wonderful taste of taking photos when it comes to wedding and commercial shoots. The entire thing is set in order to get the correct outcome, and also to add the special effects to the photos as well as to edit the nuances of errors that are occurred in the actual scene also the fault.


Eric bourret FAQs
You have to book about eight months in advance. In case if you are planning on the shorter timeframe, kindly email me in order to check the availability.
Yes, they can. All the images are delivered in black and white and in color too. In this way, you can choose between the two.
The price and the packages totally depend on your requirements. Kindly contact me for further details.
The wedding photos normally take about 4-6 weeks.
I always bring Uber like app source code with two assistants to photograph the entire day with me so that nothing gets missed.
Yes, each and every image has been hand edited and the mass producing is the greater results.
No, they are not watermarked. The higher resolution files do not bear any of the watermarks as it highlights GetmeTaxi VS Uber App.